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We've helped tiny early-stage startups to Fortune 500s design, develop, deploy; apps, websites, internal tools, platforms, and automations that solve problems, stick around and win awards.

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Why we exist

Over 80% of Fortune 500 firms that existed in 1955 are gone.

Today the life expectancy of a firm is less than ten years—all due to their inability to adopt process, technology, and innovate on time.

Whether physical or digital, technology can be complex, difficult to choose, and leverage the best way. And with the rapid pace of tech evolution and customer demand, there is no single company without the risk of disruption to the success of their products or services.

At Tahi, through our expertise in identifying where and how to leverage tech best, digital product development, and access to top-tier talent, we help early-stage startups to Fortune 500s overcome these challenges and seize new opportunities.

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Marketing automation

Inefficient marketing systems or redundant tasks? We can help you re-evaluate your marketing or operational workflows and automate tedious, error-prone jobs through API integrations and software development.

Internal tools

Using Excel to wire up complex data exchanges? We can help streamline your internal tools and process, and also take out the guess work when it comes to maintenance.

Digital product development

Whether it's a website or app, WordPress, Flutter, or even no-code tech, our team of top-tier web developers and software engineers can help you through wireframe to coding, all the way through to release.

Technical project management

Need help managing through a complex project? Our network of technical project managers have experience on and off the tools and are certified scrum and agile experts.

Cyber Security

Don't stay in the dark about security. We can help you identify and address the vulnerabilities in your company's digital technology through assessment, detection, continuous testing, and compliance.

Technology advisors

Lots of questions but not sure where to turn? We're happy to offer technology consultations for your project or idea. It all starts by contacting us.

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Each project is lead by our CEO, with a uniquely assembled team of world-class designers, software engineers, and experience planning specialists depending on your needs.
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